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  • Alison Hall

Going the extra mile (or 5)

Bringing the London Marathon to the Surrey Hills.

Our MD Richard Brittan has worked on projects to help improve the lives of the people of Afghanistan. He lived in Kabul for seven years, sharing a house and office with Afghan colleagues. Until now, everything he has done has been in a professional capacity, supporting ongoing humanitarian and development work to help build peace and prosperity for all Afghans.

Now it’s personal and on October 4th Richard is bringing the London Marathon to the Surrey Hills to raise money for Afghanaid. He has devised and mapped a route that looks like a mouth and is going to shout for Afghanistan at the top of 9 Surrey Hills, starting with Pewley Down and then covering Dunley Hill, Box Hill, Leith Hill, Holmbury Hill, Pitch Hill, Reynards Hill, Winterfold Hill, St Martha’s and finishing back at Pewley Down.

Richard says “Since 2002, I have seen for myself that Afghanistan remains in desperate need of help. With 40 years of near constant war and violence, most Afghans know nothing other than conflict and struggle. You can imagine just how utterly miserable the lives of remote, rural Afghan families continue to be when trying to survive in the face of conflict, predation, drought, floods and disease. I am in awe of their dignity, resilience and strength. These people deserve better and I am now doing something to help them in my own way.”

If you would like to sponsor Richard on this monster of a challenge of 32 miles and 9 hills, you can find out more here.


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