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Searching for Shelter

In Afghanistan there are more than 2.5 million internally displaced people (IDPs). 


The devastating drought in 2018 led to another 371,000 people being driven from their homes and into informal tented IDP camps. 

We used deep learning capabilities to accurately count tent numbers, to understand where the people had fled to and how many of them there were.

Alcis NRC

The Norwegian Refugee Council was working on the ground and needed to understand where the people had come from, where they had gone and how many of them there were – so they could provide the right level of support.

They came to Alcis for our help in understanding the situation and helping locate these missing people.

Esri UK also came to Alcis to share the story at their Annual Conference.  They made this short video of the story and we made a longer indepth technical overview video.

Click on the speaker icon for sound.

Presenting our Findings

Esri Case Study

Esri also wrote a case study on this project, giving technical insight into how we achieved our incredible results using satellite data and imagery together with their software. 


Read the case study here

Esri Case Study web page.PNG

Interactive Story Map

We presented our findings in an interactive story map, which you can scroll through - or click here to open in a new window.

Technical Deep Dive

We joined Esri UK to take a deep dive into the technical side of our work.  Our team demonstrated the tools and techniques we used, including how we used spatial data science, tools such as Esri’s ArcGIS and machine learning.


Following the deep dive there was a Q&A, but there wasn't enough time to answer them all. We have answered them all on our blog page. To view our presentation, please click on the  video and to see the full event recording click here

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