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Alcis provides a better understanding of complex environments

At Alcis, we are dedicated to achieving a better understanding of complex environments and driving positive change worldwide. Since 2004, our mission has been to improve the lives of the most vulnerable people through cutting-edge Geographic Information Services (GIS). We offer comprehensive data, products, and consultancy services to a diverse range of partners, including governments, international agencies, banks, private businesses, and NGOs and The United Nations.

Capacity Building


Programme Design and Delivery

Policy Development

The Sustainable Development Goals
Empowering Change through Geospatial Insight

In 2015, world leaders united behind 17 Global Goals, known as the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). To translate these goals into tangible results, we recognise the importance of understanding 'what' is happening and 'where.' Leveraging cutting-edge geospatial analysis and Earth Observation, Alcis actively works towards achieving these goals and improving lives.

SDG 6 calls for universal access to safe and affordable drinking water and adequate sanitation. We use Earth Observation and Geospatial data to plan, monitor and measure water resources and their impact on communities and livelihoods.

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Through access to unique data, harnessing emerging technologies and constant innovation by superb technicians and partners, Alcis provides brilliant world class solutions that enable better understanding, decisions and outcomes for our clients and beneficiaries.  Our data, products and services can be applied to any challenge where you need to locate and understand what is happening and why it is happening. 

We specialise in challenging environments where it is difficult to visit in person.  

Our work has the goal to improve the lives of the most vulnerable people. We do that in the following areas.

Compounds within 2km of all weather roads Southwest Afghanistan SDG 9.1_edited.jpg



We support our partners, policy makers, donors, NGOs and international organisations to identify the most effective policies, in order to implement appropriate programmes that create lasting and positive outcomes in fragile and complex environments.

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Programme Design and Delivery

Since 2004, we have been central to the development and delivery of vital programmes in some of the world’s most fragile and complex environments. We offer each of our clients personally tailored approaches designed to support evidence based decision making.

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From weather to pests, we provide monitoring services that are tailored to meet each of our clients’ different needs. This is achieved using appropriate, targeted and timely data, which is a necessity for effective M&E in fragile and complex environments. 

Alcis Gambia Capacity Building

Capacity Building

Developing host nation capacity has been a constant element of our work since our beginning. We provide organisational development as well as capacity building of local staff to ensure that even after our work has been achieved, we leave behind a positive legacy.

Monitoring and Capacity

Our Team

Alcis’ Managing Director, Richard Brittan, founded the company in 2004 with a vision to use his expertise, coupled with great data, to answer questions and improve situations in fragile and complex environments around the world. 


The company has grown and now has unrivalled experience working with governments, multilateral development agencies and NGOs. 


We work globally and the team share a common goal to make satellite imagery, geospatial analysis and visualisation more relevant to non expert users.

The Alcis team is made up of geospatial and analytical experts with skills and experience of working in complex environments all around the world. Our people are trusted and experienced at working within sensitive, political and volatile situations to deliver vital understanding for decision makers.

Our success is dependent upon the collective energy, intelligence, and contributions of all of our staff.


Having a strong and close team is critical for our success and wherever we are and whatever we are doing, we support and encourage each other.

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