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Outstanding data,
products and services

Through access to unique data, harnessing emerging technologies and constant innovation by superb technicians and partners, Alcis provides brilliant world class solutions that enable better understanding, decisions and outcomes for our clients and beneficiaries

We provide data, products and consultancy services to our clients and partners who are governments, international agencies, banks, private businesses and NGOs, including The United Nations.


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Our geographical data is from different sources, including satellite, UAV, helicopter or field survey.


We have unparalleled access to datasets with:

  • Unique Primary data derived from

    • EO, covering population, NDVI, LIDAR, crops etc, where we increasingly draw on AI and algorithms for data development

    • Mobile phone, geo-referenced data, covering text, photography, video & audio

  • Geospatial datasets & profiles covering province, district, catchment and bounded areas

  • Foundation data and Indicator (monitoring) datasets


Alcis produces a range of tools to help teams working in Fragile and Complex Environments.


We build our solutions based on a range of ESRI software:

  • Alcis GeoExplorer™ is a web based geographic data visualisation and analysis platform that enables the viewing, querying and annotation of bespoke, map products.

  • GeoExplorer Survey is a field data collection & visualisation platform, built for mobile phones and tablets

  • Alcis Story Maps™ is a geographically enabled on-line story to communicate insights or findings in a visual and engaging way 

  • Bespoke and unique mapping and analysis products


Alcis automated extraction of emergency

Our team of experts are here to help develop and deliver the technical components of your requirements, including:

  • Programme design & Implementation

  • Monitoring and Evaluation

  • Organisational development (capacity building, mentoring and training)

  • National Spatial Data Infrastructure support, assessment and delivery

  • Academic research and methodological innovation

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