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The devastating earthquake that hit Afghanistan on the night of June 21st struck in some of the most difficult to reach places.  We are creating maps, which we hope will help the humanitarian efforts to reach people as quickly as possible.  For example this map shows the distance of domestic compounds to paved roads.  The data is taken from our 2019 domestic compound data that includes every house in Afghanistan.  There are more maps here

Afghanistan Earthquake map showing distance to roads
Alcis is an Esri High Impact Award Winner

We are delighted to win the Esri Partner High Impact Award for the compelling use of Esri technology to make an impact on current issues around the world.  Read more about the award and what it means to us.

Satellite image showing maize fields coloured in purple in Afghanistan


and research

Alcis collaborate with The University of Surrey on major maize mapping and sustainable water use project in Afghanistan

Mapping maize crops in the north of Afghanistan without the need for ground truth data whilst developing a new product that will inform on the climate change impacts on water resources in the north of Afghanistan.  

Agricultural plain in river valley with village in the hills

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Alcis is committed to the United Nations' pledge to end extreme poverty in all its forms.