Improving the lives of the world's most vulnerable people through innovative, world class Geographic Information Services

Through access to unique data, harnessing emerging technologies and constant innovation by superb technicians and partners, Alcis provides innovative Geographical Information Services that enable better understanding, decisions and outcomes for our clients and beneficiaries.


Academic Collaboration
and Research

Alcis collaborate with The University of Surrey on major maize mapping and sustainable water use project in Afghanistan

Mapping maize crops in the north of Afghanistan without the need for ground truth data whilst developing a new product that will inform on the climate change impacts on water resources in the north of Afghanistan.  

Agricultural plain in river valley with village in the hills.jpg

Addressing global challenges

Alcis Food Security and Livelihoods

Crop modelling and hyper-spectral analysis to determine which crops are best suited to the terrain as well as appraising the density and health of plant life.

Alcis Climate Change

Our global products help inform decision makers on environment and conservation priorities.

Alcis Peace and Prosperity

We work on security related projects such as counter-narcotics and 3D-modelling high value secure locations.

Alcis SDG Commitment

Alcis is committed to the United Nations' pledge to end extreme poverty in all its forms.