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Geographic Information Services that enable better understanding of complex environments

What we do

Alcis supports policy makers, donors, implementing partners, NGOs and international organisations develop effective policies, implement appropriate programmes and create a positive and lasting outcome in fragile and conflict affected states.


Developing host nation capacity is a constant element of our work. Our Organisational Development & Mentoring services supports the transfer of skills to local staff to leave a positive legacy.


In complex environments, effective Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E) requires appropriate, targeted and timely data collection and analysis. 

We apply our proven M&E processes, developed in conjunction with academic experts, to every project. These are tailored to meet our clients’ needs, the environmental constraints in which they are delivered and the outcomes the project was designed to deliver.

Where we do it

Harnessing the power of geographic based information is central to the Alcis offering.  Everything from quantifying the number of communities who will benefit from an irrigation project, to deciding the best location for an educational facility, all have a location component at their core.

Much of our work in the world’s most sensitive and challenging environments can be conducted remotely from our offices in the UK.


This is complimented by our extensive network of field teams on the ground who can carry out local data collection.


Policy Development

We support our partners, policy makers, donors, NGOs and international organisations to identify the most effective policies, in order to implement appropriate programmes that create lasting and positive outcomes in fragile and complex environments.

Programme Design 

and Delivery

Monitoring and


Since 2004, we have been central to the development and delivery of vital programmes in some of the world’s most fragile and complex environments. We offer each of our clients personally tailored approaches designed to support evidence based decision making.

We provide monitoring and evaluation services that are tailored to meet each of our clients’ different needs. This is achieved using appropriate, targeted and timely data, which is a necessity for effective M&E in fragile and complex environments. 

Capacity Building and Development

Developing host nation capacity has been a constant element of our work since our beginning. We provide organisational development as well as capacity building of local staff to ensure that even after our work has been achieved, we leave behind a positive legacy.

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