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Alcis global development

Addressing Global Challenges

Through access to unique data, harnessing emerging technologies and constant innovation by superb technicians and partners, Alcis is able to provide brilliant world class solutions that enable better understanding, decisions and outcomes for our clients and beneficiaries.  Our data, products and services can be applied to any challenge where we need to locate and understand what is happening and why it is happening. 

We specialise in challenging environments where it is difficult to visit in person.  

All our work has the ultimate goal to improve the lives of the most vulnerable people and we do that in the following areas.

Alcis Humanitarian Aid and Development
Humanitarian Aid and Development

We work on projects helping to identify and locate people helping organisations make evidence based decisions and getting aid to the right people in the right place.

Alcis Health

Geospatial analysis of  healthcare programmes, visualising data on disease outbreaks, to identify likely sources and contamination areas.

Alcis Education

Mapping schools and catchment areas and mentoring education staff to integrate GIS technology with ground-based research.

Alcis Climate Change
Climate Change

Our global products help inform decision makers on environment and conservation priorities.

Alcis Environment and conservation
Environment and Conservation

We demonstrate our passion for protecting the environment through data integration and spatial modelling. 

Alcis Natural Resources
Natural Resources

Using GIS can help us measure the state of our forests and ensure that agreed changes are taking place. 

Alcis Forestry

Our analysts map deforestation over time and its impact on the environment, agriculture and communities.

Alcis Energy and Infrastructure
Energy and Infrastructure

Spatial analysis of terrain and communities shows the the best access routes to energy and resources  saving time and money.  

Alcis policy development

Alcis helps governing authorities by giving them accurate visual data of territory and communities. 

Alcis Defence and Security
Defence & Security

We work on security related projects such as counter-narcotics and 3D-modelling high value secure locations.

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