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view of Africa from plane

World class Geographic Information Services

Our Vision

Our Mission

Our Values

A vastly improved quality of life for the most vulnerable, enabled through innovative and world class Geographic Information Services.

We satisfy and delight our clients.

We promote staff growth and wellbeing. 

We care about the vulnerable and the environment.

We practice win-win partnerships.

To provide outstanding Geographic Information Services that enable better understanding, decisions and outcomes for our clients and beneficiaries.

Our Story

Alcis’ Managing Director, Richard Brittan, founded the company in 2004 with a vision to use his expertise, coupled with great data, to answer questions and improve situations in fragile and complex environments around the world. 


The company has grown and now has unrivalled experience working with governments, multilateral development agencies and NGOs. 


We work globally and the team share a common goal to make satellite imagery, geospatial analysis and visualisation more relevant to non expert users.

Alcis The Retreat From Kabul Map

Our Team

First globally coordinated approach of geospatial activities to support COVID-19 vaccine delivery


On March 19, 2021, we signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with iMMAP,  CartONG, Humanitarian OpenStreetMap Team, and MapAction for a Geographic Information Management Initiative for COVID-19 Vaccine Delivery (GIM Initiative) in 15 low-income countries with acute humanitarian needs.

Read the full statement here

IDP camp and tents in Afghanistan
Humanitarian Aid

Learn more about our work helping organisations working in disaster areas and on humanitarian crises.

African women cooking over a fire
Development and Livelihoods

Crop modelling and hyper-spectral analysis to determine which crops are best suited to the terrain as well as appraising the density and health of plant life.

Arid landscape in Afghanistan
Climate Change 

Our global products help inform decision makers on environment and conservation priorities.

Soldier and man by a helicopter
Governance and Stability

We work on security related projects such as counter-narcotics and 3D-modelling high value secure locations.

We support the humanitarian sector in helping improve the lives of the world’s most vulnerable people who are suffering from violence and the impact of climate change.

We understand that the challenge of leaving no one behind is impossible unless you know where the people are. Our data, products and analysis helps achieve this.

We work with government and NGO development and aid programmes worldwide, mapping metrics such as population distribution, crop growth, water sources and changes to terrain.

We design and deliver solutions to support the development of the countries where we work to permanently improve the quality of life for the most vulnerable. Our goal is to leave no one behind.

Farmers in developing countries are reliant on their crops for a source of income and climate has a direct link on crop yield and the growing seasons. It is critical to monitor variations in climate variables.


Our  global products help inform decision makers on environment and conservation priorities, which help to solve big questions around where and how to grow crops.

We understand that, in many fragile and complex countries, political landscapes are sensitive and trusted relationships are essential and take a long time to develop and nurture.

By providing accurate visual data of territory and communities we provide tools to help governments improve governance and build stability in fragile and complex environments.

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