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Reports and Research

Changing the Rules of the Game

Centralising power and cutting corruption is swelling the Taliban’s finances.

13 Jul 2023

A Taxing Narrative

Miscalculating Revenues and Misunderstanding the conflict in Afghanistan.

30 Oct 2021

Managing local resources and conflict

Value chain mapping and visualisation of the talc, fuel and transit trade in Afghanistan.

2 Sept 2021

War Gains: A case study on Nimroz Province

How the economic benefits of the conflict are distributed in Afghanistan and the implications for peace

30 Aug 2021

War Gains - Annex Document

Annex to the War gains case study on Nimroz Province

30 Aug 2021


Emerging evidence of Afghanistan's role as a producer and supplier of ephedrine and methamphetamine

24 Nov 2020

Mules, Pick-Ups and Container Traffic

This report is currently unavailable

8 Jul 2020

When The Water Runs Dry

What is to be done with the 1.5 million settlers in the deserts of southwest Afghanistan when their livelihoods fail.

10 Jun 2020

The Helmand Food Zone: The Illusion of Success

How the Helmand Food Zone was developed and the different actors involved in its implementation.

1 Dec 2019

US Airstrikes

How US Airstrikes obscured a dramatic development in the Afghan drugs industry.

27 May 2019

Denying Revenue or Wasting Money

Assessing the Impact of the air campaign against 'Drug labs' in Afghanistan

31 Mar 2019

Stirring up the hornet's nest

How the Population of Rural Helmand view the current Counterinsurgency Campaign

31 Oct 2018

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