Alcis provide geographic information services that enable better understanding of complex environments.  Since the company's inception in 2004, Alcis have worked in some of the world's most fragile and conflict-affected regions such as Afghanistan and Iraq.

Through unique data sharing agreements Alcis have unparalleled access to vast sources of geographic data.  Alcis analyse geographic data from any viable source, be it satellite, UAV, helicopter or field survey.

Alcis create layers of analysis that help to inform policy makers, monitoring and evaluating success of interventions.  This analysis is often complimented with ground-based research, giving clients a deep understanding of the area of interest and the human story that lies there.

Such outputs include, interactive maps visualising poppy cultivation change over time, showing correlations between security incidents, for example.  This analysis is vital for decision-makers working in counter narcotics, to better understand the environment they are operating in.

Alcis train and mentor host nation staff to build capacity and expertise, passing on crucial knowledge and techniques for the purpose of leaving a positive legacy.  Our clients include the UK and US governments and we have offices in Reading, Washington, Dubai and Kabul.   

For further information on Alcis services please contact us using the following details.  Alternatively, members of the press can send a media request.