Alcis GeoExplorer is a web based geographic data visualisation and analysis tool that enables the viewing, querying and annotation of bespoke, self-designed map products.


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Where is it? Locate your area of interest...

Locate 496
~ You can search by place name
~ Toggle between standard, satellite or terrain maps
~ Zoom into your area of interest and see features in detailed high resolution
imagery or mapping

What is happening there? Visualise it...

Visualise 496

~ Choose from different detailed datasets over a range of years
~ Turn on thematic data, such as agriculture and rivers, to explore relationships and their change over time

What does this mean? Understand your data...

Understand 496

~ Add text and annotation to your maps using in-built tools
~ Draw shapes to highlight key zones of interest and calculate their area
~ Adjust transparency to integrate layers
~ Measure distance between locations

Who to inform? Share with others...

Share 496bc
~ Share your understanding
~ Collaborate with others
~ Incorporate your products in documents, presentations and seminars

Any questions please contact us via email at [email protected] or by telephone on +44 (0) 1483 688 230.  

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